Oak BBQ Cooking Wood

Oak Cooking Wood gives meat a medium smoky flavor with no aftertaste; more than apple and cherry, but less than hickory. It’s great with almost all meats: beef, poultry, pork, even fish.Oak is great on its own and for adding more smoke flavor when cooking with Apple, Cherry, and Maple. It is also often mixed with Hickory to reduce smoke flavor.


White Oak is the most popular cooking wood and is fairly common in North Carolina.


We also recommend:

  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Pecan
  • Cherry
  • Apple


  • 6-8″ chunks
  • 14-16″ long pieces
  • Custom sizes available

Identifying Oak Trees

  • White Oak bark is ashy gray, very scaly, and platelike turning from smooth to ridged as the tree matures..
  • Red Oak leaves turn red during the fall. White Oak leaves have scarlet or purple tips.
  • Acorns of a Red Oak are 1″ and have an oblong shape. White Oak acorns are about 3/4″ long.

My experience on getting the best cookware set

After the honeymoon period, I remember going through my wedding gifts amazed. The elder female members of both families had heavily invested in various types of cookware. How many pans does one kitchen need? Honestly, I did not find it amusing but kept it to myself. As expected, I settled in my new home smoothly. My family had catered for the kitchen, my friends for the fancy leaving room items and spouse had heavily invested in furniture. Therefore, everything was very smooth until we had to relocate to the city. Obviously, I was not going to carry items from my countryside home to the city. What a relief! Now I can choose the kind of furniture I want, cooking vessels and decorative items.


The idea of customizing my home was fascinating until the actual time came to materialize the idea. I became terrified. I will not duel on the furniture and leaving room but on my kitchen. First, I would love to point out that the expensive cookware does not translate to best cookware sets. There are a dozen or more factors that ought to consider before you pick any particular cooking vessel. At that point, I appreciated the gifts I had received in my wedding. I had to do sufficient research. I also went ahead to ask for assistance from the experienced women in my family before I finally settled for the best. I had to read and research till I finally found the one.

You must consider your budget, the type of pans contained in the set and their sizes, durability among other factors. Therefore, I shot myself on the foot so you will not have to. I have a number of sets that should be ideal for new homeowners or those doing replacement. I will begin with the Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad cookware set. It is a stainless steel set with 12 pieces. It has surround heat technology enables it to distribute heat evenly. Cool grip handles and stainless steel steamer. It is no surprise that it tops my list.

Calphalon cookware set it is made of hard-anodized aluminum thus durable. It also features surround heat technology, non-stick interior and a tempered glass top. Includes 2 omelet pans and several sauté pans. It is easy to clean its large stockpot with soap and water. All-Clad BD005710-R cookware set is also among the best cookware sets available. It is a 10-piece set made with durable stainless and warp-resistant material. It does not react with food and its non-stick. This cookware set is optimized for induced cooking.

I will also greatly recommend T-fal E918SC and Cook N Home cookware sets. The first one is famous for its thermo indicator and the latter for soft touch handles. Both are 12-piece cookware that is ideal for your home kitchen. The best cookware sets for an individual is determined by the purpose they intend. For home use then you are better off with these sets I have mentioned. There several models out there so if you stumble on one and you find it meets your standard then do not restrain yourself.

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